California Motivational Speaker: The Power of Collaborative Selling

April 17, 2019

Are you looking for a motivational speaker in California who can motivate and inspire your sales teams? Be it Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley or San Diego, Michael is able to dedicate his time to be your keynote and motivational speaker at your next sales conference. If you have been following my blog posts you will see that in my last communication, I talked about my philosophy of “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table as Your Customer”. I explained a bit of what that philosophy entailed.  I mentioned that it ties back to a Collaborative Selling process I developed.

What does Collaborative Selling Mean?

I’d like to talk a little more about collaborative selling and what it means.  Over the years, as sales processes have developed and changed, I felt one of the biggest shifts was towards consultative selling.  Instead of selling through more traditional selling methodologies or “schmoozing”,  salespeople took a step back.  They wanted to learn about the client’s needs first, then try and find an appropriate solution.

California Keynote and Motivational Speaker Michael J. Levin
Michael J. Levin is an International Keynote and Motivational Speaker. He has spoken in venues from California to Australia and has a passion to inspire and motivate your audience.

I’m a big believer in asking questions and finding out as much information as you can.  There is a gap however in consultative selling that I believe takes you to the next level.  When you use a consultative process, it’s all about your customer’s needs and meeting them.  The issue is that someone else’s needs might not be getting met; yours. Collaborative selling is about determining if there is a place in which BOTH party’s needs are met.    Can the arrangement be beneficial to both of you?

I believe it’s important to discuss your needs as well.  It goes back to something I addressed in my prior communication.  I want to have conversations.  I don’t want to make a presentation.  Collaboration leads to a conversation instead of one party presenting to another.

There is something else that I learned that resonated with me.  A friend of mine taught mediation for UCLA and UC Irvine as well as for other organizations.  I took his class and there were some very enlightening moments for me.   One that stuck was he talked about the difference between collaboration and compromise.  We always hear about how we need to compromise to come to a solution and each side needs to give in.  What didn’t hit me until his class was, by definition, compromise is, lose/lose.  Collaboration is, win/win.

While I personally am not fond of the term “win/win” as it feels to sales-like to me, the goal is for each party to be fully satisfied.  I do believe that, in most instances, that is possible.  It’s not about each side giving something up.  It’s about finding a place where both of you can be fully happy.

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