“Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®”:  How to Launch an Entrepreneurial Leadership Revolution Within Your Organization

Michael will teach you how to inspire and motivate your team to take greater levels of ownership, so they not only embrace positive change, but lead and drive that positive change. He will share with you how to dramatically improve communication, culture and processes that will make a significant impact on both your top and bottom line. In addition, he will share inspiring, heartwarming stories about the incredible impact his philosophy has had empowering people to shine.

In this eye-opening and paradigm-shifting talk, Michael will share with you the following:

  • The three stages that he believes must occur for change to not only take hold but be sustained and not become “flavor of the month”.
  • His 4-step process he developed to overcome conflicts and concerns that can get in the way of change occurring.
  • The key roadblocks for both leaders and your front line when it comes to creating ownership throughout the company and how to overcome them.

From Michael’s talk, you will be inspired to Launch an Entrepreneurial Leadership Revolution within your organization.

Change Management: Embracing and Driving Powerful Positive Change in your Organization

It is difficult to get your team to be open and responsive to change no matter how positive it may seem.  We all know, especially in today’s dynamic times, we can’t afford to be stagnant.  Yet many of our people can say “Why change?  We’ve been doing it this way for years and it’s fine.” 

He will share with you what causes the roadblocks and how to overcome them.  Michael will also talk about the paradigm shifts that need to occur from Senior Leadership to the front line.

In Michael’s talk you will learn:

  • The one key he believes must occur for change to be embraced
  • How to make change sustainable as opposed to “Flavor of the Month”.
  • Using Michael’s “Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®” philosophy how to not only get your people to embrace change, they will be motivated and inspired to lead that change.

Collaborative Selling- How to Grow Customer Relationships While Increase Your Close Percentage and Profitability

Based on Michael’s book “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table:  The Art of Collaborative Selling” he will show attendees to not only close significantly more business, but to close much more profitable business. In this Program, Michael shows listeners how to hold influential conversations that move away from PowerPoint and create dynamic interaction. By doing so, professionals whether they are trying to sell a product or service will find themselves with a more profound ability to close effectively. In this talk you will learn:

  • His unique and paradigm shifting 4 step methodology for overcoming objections and concerns that yields dramatically better results.
  • A clear understanding of the steps that occur in every selling situation and how to navigate them successfully.
  • The power of his “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table” methodology and philosophy that leads to collaboration and removes the need to negotiate in most selling situations.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace:   Breaking the Archaic Rules of Autocratic Leadership

Today’s times have caused us to need to look at leadership differently.  I’ve always believed that traditional top-down autocratic leadership is archaic.

In today’s environment, I believe the following to be true:

-Entrepreneurism within a corporation is critical for innovation and solving problems.

-That there is a paradigm shift that leaders need to understand that “In order to gain more control you must we willing to relinquish control.

-That, as leaders we must follow four key principles and then get out of the way so our people can shine.

-That we miss out on critical components of creating a diverse workplace environment because many organization’s inherent processes cause dramatic barriers for people of color, marginalized groups and women.

 Are You Open to Exploring the Following Paradigm Shifts from Typical Organizations?

-Does your organization still conduct performance appraisals.  If so, why?  I believe there is a much better solution.

-Do you believe that the primary form of cost savings and management is by cutting heads?  I believe the opposite to be true and will share why.

-Are your future leaders fully vetted to ensure they are both qualified and trained for their next position BEFORE they receive that promotion?  98% of companies I deal with do not.  I will share my 10 Steps for Developing Your Future Leaders.

-What does your annual turnover rate?  Is it higher than you’d like?   Do you have difficulty retaining people you’d like to keep?  I will share with you how through Entrepreneurial Leadership these challenges can be solved.

Tied to my “Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace®” philosophy, in my talk we will discuss all of the above and the incredibly positive impact these changes can make for your organization, your people and your customers.

Based on Michael’s #1 Best Seller:  Reducing Stress in your Workplace and In Your Life

Based on Michael’s three-time International Best-Seller “Let Them See You Sweat:  Lessons I’ve Learned on My Journey with Stress”, Michael shares how to navigate stress in our highly stressful world. In his “Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace” philosophy, attendees will learn how to reduce workplace stress while enhancing business results.

Michael will also share with you:

  • Why stress and the physical impacts of stress frequently go either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.
  • The misconception of when your body may react to stress that causes us to miss the warning signs.
  • Michael’s 15 Key Learnings to help you reduce stress in both your personal and professional life.

How Leaders Can Help Their Team Embrace The COVID Impact

For any of us uncomfortable with change, we’ve been dragged kicking and screaming into our new reality.  For employees and their organizations trying to figure out how to survive in this new reality while staying safe is a challenge that no one expected going into 2020.

In Michael’s talk, he will explore how leaders at every level can not only effectively lead their team through COVID and implement the necessary changes but how to actually find the bright spots in this challenging time to create positive powerful change. 

In this talk you will learn:

  •  Michael’s one key that is almost always missing when it comes to leading and driving change.
  •  What Michael believes are the three stages that not only helps your team embrace change but also help ensure that change is sustained and doesn’t become “Flavor of the Month”.
  •  You will learn how to not only help you and your team embrace change but how to get your entire organization actually leading and driving that change.
  •  You will learn how to leverage some of the potential positives that can come from this devastating and challenging time.

Presenting with Power, Persuasion and Presence

Michael, in this inspirational talk, will help you understand how to overcome the number 1 fear:  Speaking in Public. Michael gives over 100 talks a year all around the world and knows how to help people overcome their fear of public speaking. Using the 3Ps: Power, Persuasion and Presence, he assisted people through various backgrounds and cultures stand up and present in a way where they want to be seen by the world. In this program attendees will:

  • Explore important tips to overcome nerves and inspire their audience through effective use of their voice, body language and eye contact.
  • Discover how to overcome ‘Death by PowerPoint’. 
  • Uncover how to create the desired outcome they want from their talks whether it’s a presentation for 10 or 1000 people.