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Award Winning Keynote Speaker on Change Management

Keynote speaker Michael Levin is an expert in the discipline of change management. He inspires, educates, and motivates his audiences to become active participants in their own change. Michael Levin’s change management strategies are designed to encourage employees to generate positive change through leadership, sales, and stress management.

As a keynote speaker, Levin provides simple changes in mindset and behavior, that effectively generate meaningful change. The goal is not to force change from the top down, but instead to create a change management strategy that empowers employees to make the improvements that both they and leadership want to see enacted. By actively involving employees in critical initiatives such as determining and then executing an action plan, they will be more motivated to make the necessary changes. With the right plan, employees will not only participate in the change, they’ll lead it.


For many employees it will be challenging to be open to being a leader and feeling empowered, to lead positive change, to feel like an entrepreneur and be willing to take ownership. Levin offers strategies that will not only help employees create real change in the workplace but help boost sales as well. He lectures on the art of creating dynamic conversations that lead to mutually beneficial and highly profitable business relationships.

Stress management is also a key component in actualizing meaningful change. For Levin, it’s important to take time to disconnect from technology and take time for self-care. Those breaks, clear one’s mind, help destress, and often help create space for reflection and productive brainstorming. An effective change management plan generates positive, sustainable change for everyone involved.

Keynote speaker Michael Levin brings with him the knowledge and life lessons accumulated through his 30 years as an entrepreneur, an executive, a consultant, and a coach. To book him today please visit his website HERE

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