Coping With 3 Generations in the Workplace

August 12, 2019
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In the past, it was common for just two age groups to be represented in the workplace. There were long-serving, old-timers and ambitious newcomers. With people living longer and retiring later just as younger generations are taking their first jobs, for the first time ever, four generations coexist in the workplace – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y/Millennials, and Generation Z. Broadly speaking, each one has its own set of preferences, styles, perspectives, and experiences.

Guided well, this presents an unprecedented opportunity to drive innovation by taking advantage of the extensive amount of wisdom, knowledge, and fresh perspective in their midst. Generations can grow and learn from one another as they are exposed to each other’s ideas and experiences. The new perspectives they gain can spark new ideas and prompt new ways of working.

However, the potential for conflict and misunderstanding is very real. Intergenerational conflict within the workplace is a growing issue. A 2011 study found that “intergenerational cohesion” is one of the top three workplace risks.[] Different generations may struggle to understand other’s values and working styles. Blending disparate groups into cohesive and productive teams can be a major challenge. Resulting clashes invariably hamper operational efficiency.

“One of the key challenges and differences I see” Levin states, “is some baby boomers may still subscribe to the “last car in the parking lot” mentality. Those doing their job the best are those who will put in the most hours. That won’t fly with younger generations. You need to focus on providing them an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the company. Then give them the ownership to make that contribution and hold them accountable and responsible to get it done. Let them figure out the hours to put in and when they’ll put in those hours. They may choose to go home earlier then work again at midnight.”

Keynote speaker Michael Levin is an extremely successful entrepreneur and dynamic public speaker. In just one hour he can help your company create meaningful change through inter-generational cooperation. By applying the right types of leadership and change management strategies, organizations can more effectively communicate and solve many of the issues that arise within a multi-generational workforce. In his keynote speeches, Levin will offer tips and strategies to steer effective change within a multi-generational workplace.

When considering the multi-generational dynamics within any company, the first question for business leaders to ask is, “What change am I trying to drive?” The goal may be productivity, better communication, stronger leadership and accountability, adoption of new technology, etc. What’s key is that every employee, regardless of their generation, be effective and empowered leaders.

For example, change may be enabled by the new technology we deploy, but as with any change, each generation will react and adapt to new technology in different ways. Technology may change the way we communicate within the office or the way we conduct business with clients through blockchain technology or artificial intelligence. A younger generation may more eagerly and readily incorporate new technology when compared to an older generation. At first, these technologies might be disruptive, especially to older generations, but when fully and cohesively integrated into an office, they allow employees to focus on more important matters.

Keynote speaker Michal Levin will offer strategies and advice for empowering each of your employees to be effective and active leaders in incorporating such change. His solutions will be tailored to the needs of your organization while taking into consideration the unique characteristics of every generation of employee.

Levin inspires, educates and motivates his audiences through the messages and strategies he delivers. In just one hour he’ll show how through enhanced leadership and employee-focused policies, businesses can discover a unique competitive edge by bringing multiple generations together and tapping into the individual talents and skills of each and every employee.