High Impact Meetings: Part 1

October 08, 2018


One of the biggest complaints I hear when I work with clients is with respect to meetings.  I’m guessing this will be familiar to many of you.  Meetings are a waste of time.  They take too long. We have too many meetings….

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I had several clients ask me if I would develop a workshop around two of what they considered to be their biggest time wasters; meetings and E-Mails.

Over the next few blogs, I’m going to share a few key tips to help you have more efficient meetings and possibly think a little out of the box as to how to develop and run a high impact meeting.

Here is one that very people think about.  When we invite attendees to meetings, we think of it only as a yes/no decision.  Are they invited?  Are they not?  What we don’t consider is a third possibility.  Do they only need to be present for part of the meeting?

Let’s say you have a 1 hour meeting.  And let’s say one of the attendees only needs to be present and is only adding value to 15 minutes of that meeting.  Why should they be there the other 45 minutes?

When you consider the cost of the wasted time and the frustration for the attendee to have their time wasted, isn’t it worth taking the time to be considerate and thoughtful regarding your meeting invitations.  If someone doesn’t need to be there the whole time, only invite them to the portion of the meeting that applies to them.  I’m sure they will appreciate that you are not only being respectful of their time, they will have the opportunity to work on something far more valuable.