From Michael’s Book “Sitting on the Same Side of The Table: The Art of Collaborative Selling”

“I developed my collaborative selling process when I owned a business in the automotive industry. I did so during the peak of the recession when the automotive industry was hit hardest. Changing to this philosophy and process literally saved our business. I also find this to be a much more pleasant and mutually beneficial way to sell. My close rate also increased from roughly 35% to an unbelievable 80%.”

Could you or your team benefit from a progressive, high impact, proven sales methodology to close more profitable business? Michael’s selling philosophy of Sitting on the Same Side of the Table as Your Customer™, takes you away from hard core negotiating to sitting side by side with your customer, working out solutions good for both of you. His Art of Collaborative Selling facilitates highly productive conversations between you and your customers.  This is a process that works for the most sophisticated sales executive, to the novice salesperson, to someone who hates selling. Michael has used his process to get great results for his clients and for his personal multi-million dollar ventures as well.