From Michael’s Book with Jack Canfield “The Road To Success”

I’ve heard the same from numerous companies I’ve worked with. The leadership team wants to see the employees take a greater role and higher level of responsibility. They want them to be more entrepreneurial, feel more empowered and be willing to both embrace and lead change. Why is it so difficult to create this environment? I believe there are several reasons. When I have researched the needs of the employee, the information I have found indicates why. First, when you look at the basic needs of most employees, being entrepreneurial or empowered isn’t on top of the list. Security, being able to support themselves and their families, ranks far higher. So does safety, recognition and feedback, being compensated equitably and an opportunity to grow.

The question becomes for many employees: “Why should I take the risk?”

“In my talk, I’ll share with you my philosophy of “Creating the Safety Net” that helps your people become inspired to be the empowered leader you desire.”

To take a road trip to Success, we will need a destination as well as a GPS. Success is described here as the achievement of a goal. The goals we adopt may be the result of experience, vision or desire. They crystallize our desire to get to a better place.

Having picked a goal for success, how do you get there? What drives you on? Some more popular goals include amassing wealth, gaining recognition and desire to improve the lifestyle of others. It is also interesting to note that both philosophers as well as successful travellers on this road to success tell us that the journey is the real prize, not merely arriving at the destination.

So what route does your roadmap follow? Whatever route you choose, the Celebrity Experts® in this book can mentor your trip. They have completed this trip before, and they know where the potholes and the dead-ends are. These successful people have traits in common, including creativity, risk taking, planning, perseverance and are action-takers. Without taking action, The Road To Success is merely a mirage. So read, learn and enjoy. Safe travels!