Michael Featured in UpJourney Article:

June 11, 2020

Should You Take Notes During an Interview? (As a Candidate)

I was asked, along with others, to contribute to an article in UpJourney about whether you should take notes during an interview. I wanted to share this in case you found it of interest for yourself or others you know who may be preparing for interviews.

Michael Levin
President and CEO, Custom Solutions, Inc.

Type up your notes!

The answer to me is absolutely and I’d take it one step further. I’d type up my notes. Most of us can type faster than we write and we can read what we type. I know I can’t read my handwriting. Plus many of us can type while maintaining eye contact as a few typos won’t hurt us and we can correct later.
These are the key things to remember:

  • Ask permission to take notes. Most people feel more comfortable asking upfront and it sets the stage.
  • Turn your computer so it doesn’t act as a podium between you and your interviewer. It should be off to the side so you have a direct line of contact with the person you’re talking with.
  • Ideally, don’t sit across from each other. Sit diagonally or in some format that creates more of an informal conversation.

The key reasons for taking good notes are:

  • You will have accurate detailed information to follow up on.