Being Part of the Solution: Part Four

September 25, 2018

In my last blog, I said I’d provide a bit of a summary and some other key tips on helping your employees focus on being part of the solution and feeling motivated, empowered and excited about leading Change Management initiatives within your organization.  Some key tips are:

  • Remember, Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace and helping motivate your employees to lead positive change is a journey, not a destination. And you have to be patient as it will take time. Your words will not be enough.  It will take your consistent employee empowering actions over time.
  • In Part Two of this series, I referred to 3 stages that employees go through when it comes to feeling heard and eventually taking ownership. Be cognizant of those changes and discuss openly with all levels of your organization.
  • Give your people the chance to succeed and fail. Put appropriate parameters in place to give them a lot of leeway to fail without causing significant or irreparable damage to your company, customers or other employees.
  • As Leaders, your role is to provide support, guidance, sponsorship and mentorship. You need to avoid telling them what to do and give your people the chance to develop their own solutions.

When you can get everyone in an organization actively involved with identifying problems and developing solutions it is so much more powerful than when all problems filter up and the Leadership team is expected to solve them.

And frequently, those solutions by the front line will be better.  They’re closer to the problem and know how to solve it.  Plus, if you want to create Change Management and have positive changes stick, if your front line designs the solution they’ll adopt it and own it.

You don’t have to constantly push them to accept change.  When they’ve designed the change, they’ll be motivated to lead the change.