Keynote Speaker Michael Levin on Stress Management: MICHAEL’S NEW BOOK IS A #1 BESTSELLER!

May 24, 2018


Michael J Levin Book Cover Let Them See You Sweat from
Michael’s Number one best-seller, Let Them See You Sweat My Personal Journey With Stress Is available Now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites

Michael Levin’s latest book “Let Them See You Sweat:  Lessons I’ve Learned on My Personal Journey with Stress” hit #1 on the Amazon Bestseller list!!!

In this book Michael shares his story about the more typical and extremely unusual physical symptoms caused by stress.  One of those is his body literally stopped sweating, inspiring the title of Michael’s book.

One of his key insights involves the delayed effects of stress.  As he learned, his body pushed through during some very stressful times in his life.  The physical effects occurred after the stressful time passed.  He continued to push and his body finally said enough is enough.

You’ll hear his story about how his issues of stress and panic attacks went undiagnosed by specialist after specialist for over a year until a friend discovered the source of his issues.

Michael delivers an inspiring talk on this topic that includes:

  • His 15 Lessons Learned from his battle with stress.
  • Why stress often goes undiagnosed and why the effects are delayed.
  • How to be your own best advocate and also secure the support of friends and family to help you on your journey.

“Stress Management is such a challenge in so many people’s lives and I want to help them know how to identify when physical effects they’re experiencing may come from stress as well to feel comfortable and confident to share the effects stress may be having on them with others”.

Michael will also share some of the miracles he has personally experienced as well as those experienced by others.  You’ll learn the story of Chris and Erika who were told by Doctors they’d never have children.  After talking with Michael, they now have two beautiful girls born weeks apart.  Neither was adopted, they are both their own and they are not twins.  Michael will share more of this amazing story during his talk.