Keynote and Motivational Speaker On Stress Management

Dublin, California, USA

Stress is an issue many people deal with. Stress in the workplace can often lead to dysfunctional teams, chronic health issues impacting absenteeism and possibly dangerous health risks like heart attacks and strokes. If you need someone who can come in as a Keynote Speaker who can inspire methodologies to manage stress, share real stories and get your audience motivated for change, Michael Levin is the perfect candidate.

Who Benefits

Anyone who has ever suffered from stress and, in particular, the physical impacts of stress of which Michael believes frequently goes undiagnosed.  Any leader who wants to help support his team not just professionally but personally and emotionally as well.

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Success Stories

Read a couple of Michael’s stories that inspired him to write his book.

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Speaking Topics

Michael’s personal message: “You may think with the title of this talk, it’s about being calm and cool in the face of pressure. It’s actually more literal than that…”

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Let Them See You Sweat, Motivational Speaker Michael Levin Talks at Stress Management Conferences.

From Michael’s #1 Best-Selling Book “Let Them See You Sweat: My Personal Journey with Stress”

One of the key epiphanies for me was when the impact of stress can occur. I always thought of it as a real time occurrence. You’d experience the physical symptoms when your stress was at its peak. For me, I found this not to be true and was part of the reason why my physical symptoms went undiagnosed by specialist after specialist for over a year.

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