The Delayed Effects of Stress and COVID

February 06, 2021

What a year. While COVID has clearly spiked, with our vaccine rolling out, I know we’re all hoping for a much better 2021. My wife works at a prison in Stockton, California and just got her first inoculation. 

I want to share a key learning of mine about stress and one I shared in my book “Let Them See You Sweat: Lessons I’ve Learned on my Personal Journey with Stress”. That lesson is about the delayed physical effects that can be brought on by stress.

I am concerned that those who suffered significant stress from COVID, whether emotional, financial, physical or some combination of the three may pay a post-COVID price if we don’t take care of ourselves both physically and emotionally. I believe that frequently physical effects from stress are delayed and often go undiagnosed. Please watch my brief video below on the “Delayed Effects of Stress”

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