May 14, 2020

I am a huge believer in mentorship.  Especially in today’s times, I believe a mentor or multiple mentors becomes even more important. When a new employee is hired, I ask those in my workshops and keynotes, should those new hires have a mentor and, if yes, when should that mentor be determined? The answer is always yes and on Day One. Yet it almost never happens.

 This in my mind is not just a nice to do for new hires, it is an extremely sound business practice that has a significant financial impact. Helping someone integrate, become part of the family, gain a better understanding of their career path, have someone to eat lunch with on the first day and show them the ropes helps improve morale, retention, job performance and teamwork. Plus, you get to find out how good your mentors are at helping to guide people and transfer knowledge which can help identify your future leaders. 

Please enjoy this short video in which I learned early in my career a great mentorship lesson from my boss at Pepsi Cola.