Embracing Change with Artificial Intelligence

September 17, 2019

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Michael J. Levin is an international keynote speaker. He has an amazing keynote on why executives should not fear embracing and integrating Artificial Intelligence into the workplace.

Have you read Michael’s blog on Don’t Fear Artificial Intelligence? He has an amazing keynote presentation most C-Suite executives will just find stimulating and invigorating.

Artificial intelligence has brought massive changes to the workforce. From automating routine tasks to revolutionizing customer experiences, artificial intelligence has an influence across industries and job levels. How can workforce leaders thrive in the age of artificial intelligence?

Best Keynote for Senior Executives on Artificial Intelligence and Embracing Change
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Leaders who view AI as a kind of colleague will recognize that there’s no need to “race against a machine.” Rather, leaders can incorporate AI into the workplace in a way that doesn’t threaten their job, but instead enhances it. Executive change management is the key to successfully incorporating automation and artificial intelligence into the workplace.

Keynote speaker Michael Levin can help you and leaders within your company develop the skills to successfully incorporate AI into your business. Michael Levin is an extremely successful entrepreneur and dynamic public speaker who can help your business prepare for the changes artificial intelligence will have on workforce dynamics and leadership.

With the advancement of artificial intelligence, businesses face a fundamentally different leadership challenge. The fact is, artificial intelligence will soon be able to do the administrative tasks that consume much of managers’ time faster, better, and at a lower cost. Leaders will need to create new organizational narratives about the nature of work, the roles humans and machines play integrated teams, and address the emotional needs of their team members during exponential change.[i] While technology may take over many routine tasks in the workplace, true leaders will prepare themselves and their organization for the kinds of human-led work that will gain in prominence as these routine tasks are automated.

Through his keynote speeches, in just one hour, Michael Levin offers the strategies and tips your company needs to incorporate artificial intelligence into the workplace. He offers guidelines for leaders to efficiently utilize artificial intelligence in the workplace, preparing themselves and the company for the inevitable changes brought about by AI. Levin’s leadership strategies can be applied to any workplace, from education to technology, accounting to venture capital firms.

Management Teams and Their Challenges with AI

At first glance it may seem like artificial intelligence adds to the complexity of being a leader; after all, it involves understanding and implementing new technologies and data analysis. However, understood and utilized efficiently, artificial intelligence can be extremely helpful to leadership. It can help reduce decision fatigue, refine human judgment, aid with multitasking, and can also offer new solutions.[ii] Artificial intelligence can be a huge help to leaders who are trying to become more inwardly agile and foster creative approaches to transformation.[iii] As a leader, you can utilize the hard science of AI to be just what you need to ask the kind of broad questions that lay the foundation for meaningful progress. The innovative, emerging, disruptive workplaces of tomorrow will be those utilizing automation and artificial intelligence in a way that sparks innovation, encourages enterprise, and empowers leadership.

While the influence of AI in your workplace may be gradual, it’s also likely inevitable and the pace of development is faster and the implications more far-reaching than most executives and managers realize. Those leaders capable of assessing what the workforce of the future will look like can prepare themselves for the changes brought by artificial intelligence.

Michael Levin can offer strategies to empower every employee to be an effective leader in a time where the role of artificial intelligence in business is growing exponentially. He offers change management skills that are useful for leaders across industry sectors. His solutions will be tailored to the needs of your organization, and more specifically, your employees. Don’t be left in the stone age, book Michael Levin for a keynote speech now.

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