Speaking Topics

Creating an Entrepreneurial Workplace® Launching the Entrepreneurial Leadership Revolution

Michael will teach you how to inspire and motivate your team to take greater levels of ownership so they not only embrace positive change, they lead and drive that positive change.   He will share with you how to dramatically improve communication, culture and processes that will make a significant impact on both your top and bottom line.  And he will share inspiring, heartwarming stories about the incredible impact his philosophy has had empowering people to shine. (Read More)

In this eye opening and paradigm shifting talk, Michael will share with you the following:

  1.  The three stages that he believes must occur for change to not only take hold but be sustained and not become “flavor of the month”.
  2.  His 4-step process he developed to overcome conflicts and concerns that can get in the way of change occurring.
  3.  The key roadblocks for both leaders and your front line when it comes to creating ownership throughout the company and how to overcome them.

Michael’s 12 Attributes and Behaviors of Highly Successful Leaders and Managers

Michael will share what he has learned and found, from his businesses, from running divisions for a Fortune 100 company, as well as the company’s he has consulted for, what the critical attributes and behaviors are for highly successful Leaders and Managers.  He will not only share with you his list, he will tell you the critical keys to implementing those behaviors in order to motivate and inspire your people and dramatically and positively impact your business results. (Read More)

In this profound talk that will shift how you think about who your Leaders are and how to develop them, you will learn:

  1.  Michael’s 12 Attributes and Behaviors of Great Leaders and Managers and why many leaders fall short and what to do about it.
  2. Why we typically select the wrong people to be our Leaders and Managers and how to change our habits.
  3.  How to develop your winning team in a manner that helps them and their teams be successful.
  4.  They will learn a paradigm shift about how to lead in a way that drives massive business results but is counter-intuitive to what they normally do.

Michael’s 10 Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

Whether you are an entrepreneur in your own business or an entrepreneurial leader in a corporate environment, in Michael’s motivational and inspirational talk, he shares with you his story and what he has found to be the most profound attributes to creating ownership and empowerment.  He will tell you personal stories about successes along with trials and tribulations that have helped make him the highly successful entrepreneur he is.

Presenting with Impact, Persuasiveness and Presence

Michael, in this inspirational talk, will help you understand how to overcome the number 1 fear:  Speaking in Public.   He will give you important tips not only on how to overcome nerves but how to use your voice, body language and eye contact effectively as well as how to inspire your audience while avoiding “Death by PowerPoint”.  He will also teach you how to present to create the desired outcome you want from your talks whether you are presenting to 10 or 1000.

Change Management: Embracing and Driving Powerful Positive Change in your Organization

It is difficult to get your team to be open and responsive to change no matter how positive it may seem.  We all know, especially in today’s dynamic times, we can’t afford to be stagnant.  Yet many of our people can say “Why change?  We’ve been doing it this way for years and it’s fine.” 

In Michael’s talk, he will share with you what causes the roadblocks and how to overcome them.  He will also share with you his philosophy that will not only help your people to embrace change, they will be motivated and inspired to lead that change.

The 10 Keys to Developing and Retaining Employees

One of the key challenges in today’s environment, especially with low unemployment rates and your best employees being in high demand, how do you retain them?  How do you develop them so they feel fulfilled?  How do you motivate, lead and retain millennials? 

In Michael’s talk, he will share his ten keys that will help your team flourish so you not only motivate, retain and fully utilize the talents of your best employees, you become a thriving destination where people want to work.

Leading Your Company and Your Employees in a Highly Disruptive Innovative Environment

Look at the challenges we are facing today.  We have three generations working together with very different philosophies with respect to both life and work.

Companies experience the tremendous challenge of high turnover combined with extremely low unemployment making finding the talent they need exceptionally difficult.

Now throw in AI which, while driving innovation and efficiencies, can create workplace uncertainty for those who feel they may become dispensable.

In this incredibly powerful, inspirational and eye opening talk Michael shares how to lead your company and employees in today’s environment and embrace and thrive with disruptive innovation.   (Read More)

Michael will cover in this talk:

  1.  How to help everybody just get along.  He will tell you the secrets to creating harmony in a multi-generational and multi-cultural workplace.
  2.  His 10 Steps to Developing your Future Leaders and Retaining Key Employees.   You will learn how to maximize the talents of your key people and inspire them to stay and grow with you and your company.
  3.  How to help your people not only be unafraid of AI and automation but to use these innovations to help you maximize and utilize the talents of your people.