Keynote and Motivational Speaker on Sales Topics

Dublin, California, USA

Are you looking for a keynote and motivational speaker for your next sales conference? Need someone who can take your sales team into new mindsets, collaborate and grow sales? Michael has spoken across many states in the USA and major cities like Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Denver, New York and has gone around the world speaking to people and inspiring them. If you have need a keynote and motivational speaker to really ignite your sales team to perform at greater heights, BOOK Michael today.

Who Benefits

Anyone who sells externally or internally who wants to understand how to leverage the power of collaboration.

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Success Stories

Michael shares his stories about his “Sitting on the Same Side of the Table™” philosophy

Helped his business increase revenue by 40% and profits by over 70% in one of our most challenging economic times.

How his philosophy not only saved a struggling business but helped it grow 3x in four years.

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Speaking Topics

Michael will share with you how to leverage his collaborative philosophy to achieve the results he and his clients have experienced.

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From Michael’s Book “Sitting on the Same Side of The Table: The Art of Collaborative Selling”

I developed my collaborative selling process when I owned a business in the automotive industry. I did so during the peak of the recession when the automotive industry was hit hardest. Changing to this philosophy and process literally saved our business. I also find this to be a much more pleasant and mutually beneficial way to sell. My close rate also increased from roughly 35% to an unbelievable 80%.

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