Michael J. Levin is an outstanding keynote and motivational speaker and frequents Los Angeles. He has spoken in various cities across the USA and across the globe. He has been endorsed by corporate giants and individuals who have seen him in action. Michael speaks on three major topics, he gives you the opportunity to customize the perfect speech for your audience.

Michael is known for his leadership keynote on  “Create an Entrepreneurial Workplace®” where managers learn how to turn employees into decision makers and powerful teams.

Michael has a range of topics on sales strategies and management as well. If you are looking for a motivational speaker to address your sales teams, to get them to think about strategies in increasing sales, motivating them to think differently. More on his sales topics HERE:

Michael also has an amazing keynote address on stress management, this is a perfect motivational piece for the health and well-being sector, if you need someone to come in and really touch the hearts of many on a personal journey in combating stress, find out more HERE:

Let us know where your event, conference or seminar will be held. We can fly into the nearest airport be it, LAX, Ontario, Long Beach or Burbank, Michael is based in Dublin, California. He is able to travel to you.

If you have more questions, book a phone call with Michael